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Grow In Uruguay

Breeding and growing for the world...I

Since Uruguay legalised cannabis cultivation and investigation I decided 2014 to start working in different projects related to the most important medical and psychotropic plant on earth.

Now I investigate and create  new cannabis strains for medical and recreative use at the PCTP  (Scientific and Technological Park of Pando) under license of the National IRCCA Institute .


My 1st. under register nr. 2023082 at INASE (National Seed Institute ) registered psychotropic Cannabis Sativa L. kind.

Today undergoing field and greenhouse tests.

Deliverable as cloned variety: Spring 2024.

THC level: 22-26%

50% Indica 50% Sativa

Flowering time outdoor 75 days

Flowering time indoor: 65 days

5 more varieties will be registered end 2023

licenses for reproduction and  distribution are offered for all registered varieties.


I grow own and client`s strains in my EU GACP certified greenhouses. I investigate and cross well known regular strains for further evaluation, stabilisation and international registry.

After registry I reproduce the genetics over cloning or over tissue reproduction in my laminar chambers.

Finally I produce stable feminised seeds.

I deliver worldwide clones and seeds. Flowers can be exported with GACP certification.

Uruguay has a national plants genetics registry and worldwide treaties with about 200 countries validating the registry.  

I help you to register with world wide recognition, to maintain and to reproduce your own genetics.

Quality standards and 


I grow and investigate under GACP conditions.

This means that all steps in my production process are strictly controlled.

Natural pest control

I use soft impact means to prevent mould, insects, and other predators using most natural available stuffs.


Microbiology controls of every flower batches for medical and recreational use is standard. 

CO2 Footprint 

Through the fantastic Uruguayan climate with highest UV radiation I obtain 3 harvests per year for what I get a very good  "CO2 Footprint" certification if needed.

Geographical position

Uruguay´s geographical position is between 30° and 35° South.

Regions in the world among these north and south latitudes are:

North: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mediterranean see, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, India, China, Tibet, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, USA, Mexico

South: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Lesotho, South Korea, Japan,  Brazil, Argentina, Chile.

Genetic adaptation

Growing in Uruguay allows to adapt or use genetics from original strains and for these worldwide  regions, but also through this fantastic geographical position, we are able to grow and adapt quite any kind of cannabis in our climate.



Actually working with:

Lemon varieties

50/50 varieties


2 y 2

24 K varieties

Cookies varieties

Gelato varieties

Afghan Kush 

Super Malawi Haze

Purple Haze x Malawi 

Panama x Malawi

Red Stem Malawi

Pakistan Citral Kush


Nepal Jam

Black Colombian

Red Lebanese

Super Skunk 

White widow

Urujuana 1


Crossing today :


My team is highly motivated by the opportunity that this project represents:  to create and replicate genetics, producing highest quality solutions for medical  applications, with high and low THC content, choosing the right strains with the right cannabinoid combination of our clones, seeds and flowers. 

Responsible technician: Agr. Ing. Mariela Ibarra

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